Team Project Challenge

Over the 2-day workshop you will be creating a new learning experience in collaboration with others in your team. This will not only allow you to experiment with new tools, or utilize existing tools in meaningful ways, but also to explore collaborative curriculum design and the processes this involves.

Template - make sure you follow the instructions below and do not us thew actual template page

TEAMS Master List

Finding CC Digital Images
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Steps to Complete the Team Project

  1. Create a team page using the "Pages and Files" button at right. Use the "Team_Page" template when you create your new page.
  2. Name the page with your team name and save.
  3. Use the template page to start planning your project:
    • Flat Classroom Framework
    • Project Design Essentials
    • Flatteners - Seven Steps

Ideas for the Team Project

  • Classroom collaborative project utilizing emerging technologies
  • Personal branding - classroom or teacher implementation
  • Digital portfolios
  • Introduction of a collaborative tool e.g. wikis, or blogs
    • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Global collaborative project
    • Inquiry-based
    • Cross curricular