Project Challenge

Based on the topics discussed during the workshop, your TEAM CHALLENGE is to develop, pitch, refine and present an idea for a classroom collaboration. Use this template to collect and synthesize ideas.

Project Design Essentials
Project Title: Make Dr. Dolittle Proud!
Participants level/age: Grade 3
Curriculum focus: Science, Living Things
Timeline: 8 class sessions, 4 over two weeks
Learning legacy: Students will have produce their own animal classification game.
Curriculum Integration and Alignment: Writing, computer literacy
Guiding Question: Can students accurately classify animals according to the specific characteristics of animal classes?
Project Aims: To incorporate game-based learning techniques and technology to motivate students to challenge themselves and their peers to be able to classify animals.
Focus Questions:
-Do the students understand more in classifying the animals?
-Can the students classify animals easily with Quizlet
-Are they motivated to classify animals based on their characteristic?
-Are they challenged and motivated to the gamification model of learning?

Standards Alignment:
  • a. animal classification
  • b. understanding the various types of animals and their characteristics
  • c. are self-directed;
  • d. understand the value of continuous learning;

Prerequisites and Skill Levels: Grade 3 reading and writing skills
Required Outcomes: Students will be able to classify animals according to defined charactersitics of each type. They will be able comprehend why a certain animal belongs to a specific group.

Optional Outcomes:
Team Structure: Four highly trained and motivated educators from different schools around the globe in full collaboration
Required Inputs: Students need to research the characteristic of the five animal types. Write questions and answers. Make a functional game to be used with other students for the learning of animal classification.
Optional Inputs:
Assessment: Presentation, Online Scoring, Peer Assesment