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  • How do these implications (of the story/message/fact) impact your job and responsibilities in your school?
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Designing a Space for Learning

"Only one thing seems to be missing in Miles’s school library – books, magazines or anypaper information source. The last print books – school yearbooks and some local history publications - were sent to Ghana to be digitized five years earlier. All those materials are now available online." From 'Mile's Library' by Doug Johnson
Also of interest is 'The Future of the Library' by Seth Godin


  1. Appoint a scribe to add comments via the discussion tab on this wiki page.
  2. Explore the Library Media Center pictures provided by The Daring Librarian
  3. Read and explore Changing the Facility
  4. View pictures on this wiki page.
  5. Consider these questions:
    • What are some features of these libraries?
    • What ideas and images do you particularly find attractive?
    • Which ideas could be integrated into new designs for your school? Why?

Further Discussion

  • How can we plan schools for a future we do not yet see?
  • What discussions are happening in your school about building and furniture design? Do they involve the function of the library?

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WAB- Beijing
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